Euler Analytics Platform (EAP) provides a totally disruptive approach purely based on Big Data and AI technologies, free of relational databases and data warehousing limitations. 

EAP will allow analysts to ingest, process and analyze high-level information on large sets of rich data, discover and visualize connections between seemingly unrelated entities, map the activity of events and analyze any type of transactions between entities, such as logs, financial transactions, communications, or social media interactions, etc…

EAP provides analytical information from vast amounts of data through engaging exploratory analysis. The user can visually explore all his data with a simple and intuitive interface to use, by a simple drag and drop, without the need to prepare subsets or datasets of data. The solution helps to uncover patterns, trends and relationships in the data.

The same entities can be visualized and analyzed through different lenses in different specific workspaces, for instance relations between persons can be analyzed through their communications or through their social media relations or through their financial transactions, etc.

EAP is the most powerful big data exploratory portal today available, featuring several important modules such as :

  • Advanced Relational Graph Analytics
  • Advanced Transactional Graph Analytics
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Case and reporting module
  • Advanced workspace management
  • Various useful analyst toolkits

Euler Intelligence Fusion Center is a unique Big Data Fusion Center built on top of the EAP Euler Analytics Platform from the ground up to collect, organize, fuse the disparate data sources, as well as process operational data through its powerful business process management system built on top of the same single data lake.

Euler Intelligence Fusion Center is an organization-wide intelligence fusion center combining business operations, management and big data analytics.

Euler Intelligence Fusion Center solves the numerous obstacles of collating disparate data sources by engineering the solution around a dynamic data schema called ontology. An ontology which captures the knowledge within an organization as a model.

Euler Intelligence Fusion Center enables organizations to ingest, manage and Euler Intelligence Fusion Center te massive data from various sources, analyzing them for connections so they can be probed to answer important questions, reveal insights and discover relationships.

It allows the ingestion and fusion of all types of data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) from any sources and format. EULER INTELLIGENCE FUSION CENTER is fully based on Big Data technologies, and is designed to operate in a multi-node cluster configuration, distributing the data over multiple servers forming a data lake that is unlimitedly scalable.

Euler Intelligence Fusion Center is capable of analyzing large and disparate datasets to help organizations make sense of the overwhelming amount of data that analysts must parse through in their daily operations, but it also allows to browse the data lake in any dimension without any limit to discover the unknown.

Operate & Manage

One of the key and most important differentiating feature of Euler Intelligence Fusion Center is its ability to host both the operational data and the ingested data (internal or external sources) in one place:
  • So it can be automatically correlated, and made accessible and usable across the organization, rather than being compartmentalized in “data silos” where its usefulness is restricted, usually to those who collected it in the first place.
  • So that the operational user can browse all this operational data via familiar web configurable forms.

Analyze & Predict

As data hits the system it is identified and routed to the appropriate analyzer to extract data from it, enrich it, link it and index it.

EAP collects data in two main compartments, a knowledge graph database to hold all the enterprise data and the data lake to hold all the transaction and exhaust data.

The knowledge graph links all data together at web-scale, combining both structured information or unstructured. Connecting datasets in a meaningful way is strategic for every business as it helps decision makers, users, and (above all) computers gain context within the existing knowledge of an organization.

Several Artificial Intelligence modules such as Machine Learning (ML), Pattern Recognition (PR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables the analyst to go beyond the limits reached by any traditional analytics system and use machine learning models to get better at recommending relevant content, product or service and can go as far as anticipating customer needs.

  • Fully Web-based solution.
  • Unified fusion of operational and ingested data from any sources and formats.
  • Pure Big Data Technology – Multi-nodes computing capacity.
  • Multilingual (English, French, Arabic,…).
  • Based on leading Open Source technologies and components, such as Hadoop.
  • Fully deployed on-premises solution.
  • Ontology driven platform limiting false positive.
  • Finding hidden patterns and non-obvious relationships.
  • And More…

EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM is a comprehensive platform for forensics laboratory management. It is a forensics case management system coupled with a big data search and analytics engine, built on top of EAP Euler Analytics Platform. 

EAP allows the long-term storage of the metadata extracted from the evidence, their automatic correlation, deep analysis, and revealing hidden unobvious relations.

EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM includes a configurable business processes management system, to manage and monitor tasks, notifications, alerts, requests, correspondences, evidence and cases across the forensics laboratory.

With more than one hundred types of evidence pre-configured from all categories (digital, ballistic, biological, toxicological,…), EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM is an end-to-end management and analytics platform for any forensics laboratory.
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM allows complete management and visibility of all cases from their creation to the generation of the final case reports. Providing the examiners with clear and concise means to track and manage all aspects of any evidence or case.

EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM features several important functionalities and sub-modules, such as:

• Pre-defined yet configurable evidence templates
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM has more than hundreds of pre-defined types of evidences from all categories (digital, ballistic, biological, toxicological,…), sub categories and types, each with specific properties and attributes.

• Full Evidence Tracking and Chain of Custody Management
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM includes an evidence inventory and transfer management system to control the chain of custody. It includes all transfers of evidence from one location to another, from one person to another and the initial transfer of custody.
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM enables the full chain of custody for all evidence and exhibits within any case.

• Forensics lab assets and license management
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM includes a complete configurable forensics lab assets and licenses management.

• Dashboard and statistic module
Its powerful management dashboard and its statistics module allow fast and efficient decision making by the lab managers. It provides live data information such as number of evidences under analysis currently in the lab, or historical data information such as number of case per categories analyzed during a certain period of time.

• Enhanced Indexing and powerful search engine
With EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM’s enhanced indexing engine, investigators are empowered to conduct their investigations with powerful processing speeds, advanced index searching, improved language support, and optimized performance.

• Automatic Template Generation
With one click, users can easily generate a document using pre-defined Word and Excel templates. Authors can manage the pre-defined templates and using a wizard like flow to build custom templates in Word or Excel (e.g. Such templates include evidence technical reports, forensics case reports, suspect fact sheets, etc…)

• Forensics Tool Compatibility
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM allows to upload the output and capture essential information, through Euler Intelligence Fusion Center tion from a variety of forensics extraction tools such as mobile phone and computer forensics extraction tools.

• Centralized users and security management system
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM provides a centralized administration interface to configure and manage the organization, the users, their access rights and security.
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM grants the agents access to all the relevant data related to a case while guaranteeing the investigative and Intelligence process withstands the closest scrutiny.

• Full scalability on Big Data distributed cluster
EULER FORENSIC LABS PLATFORM can be deployed on a Big Data Distributed Cluster that is specifically designed for storing extracted forensics data, forensics images on long term basis and analyzing Petabyte of data. This is extremely valuable and convenient for large digital forensics laboratories, allowing for instant correlation of evidences from different cases at different period.

The finance industry generates lots of data, both structured and unstructured. Euler Fraud & Financial Investigation is specifically designed to ingest massive financial transactions as well as operational databases of structured and unstructured data that can be used to anticipate customer behaviors and create strategies for banks and financial institutions. It enables value to be quickly extracted from data anywhere in the business and assists organization in managing important transactional data sources in exploring this data, investigating it, analyzing the flow of transactions as well as looking for specific patterns.

Core Features :

  • Adaptive fraud detection and rules management machine learning algorithm 
  • Adaptive predictive analytics machine learning algorithm to help assess risk
  • Graph Analysis capabilities to visualize hidden links such as detecting money laundering via account layering
  • Full scalability
  • Powerful in-memory distributed computing engine for large-scale data processing
  • Powerful integrated analytics and enterprise search
  • Powerful Dashboarding Capabilities
  • Powerful Notifications & Alerting system

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Fraud detection and prevention

Machine learning, fueled by big data, is greatly responsible for fraud detection and prevention. Using efficient processing of transaction data and an advanced anomaly detection algorithms, Euler Fraud & financial Investigation, is able to detect suspicious transactions.

We use typical consumer transactions to train the machine learning algorithms and establish the user’s normal transaction behavior, then the anomaly detection algorithm is able to predict the possibility that a particular transaction is fake and prevent it.

Algorithms determine the possibility of fraud by examining the user’s purchasing habits and comparing each transaction with what headed it. Every new algorithm builds on the last.

Use Case 2: Money laundering detection

The key to capturing money laundering activities is to represent transactions in a manner that enables understanding of the flow of money through the various accounts, potentially spanning several intermediaries in the graph.

By supporting this effort, EAP’s graph technology is able to help identify these trades in broader data sets of transactions and visualize and animate the network structures that make these types of trades distinctive.

Use Case 3: Real time stock market insights

Instead of simply analyzing stock prices, Euler Fraud & Financial Investigation can now take into account political and social trends that may affect the stock market. Machine learning monitors trends in real-time, allowing analysts to compile and evaluate the appropriate data and make smart decisions.

Use Case 4: Accurate risk analysis

Euler Fraud & Financial Investigation uses machine learning to help assess big financial decisions like investments and loans. Calculated decisions based on predictive analytics taking into account everything from the economy, customer segmentation, and business capital to identify potential risks like bad investments or payers.

Euler Telecom Analysis is a powerful analytics platform specially designed to ingest massive communication transactions as well as operational databases, to correlate and analyze them using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in order to identify hidden patterns, specific behaviors and predict trends.

Core Features

  • Adaptive machine learning algorithm to identify hidden patterns, specific behaviors and predict trends
  • Graph Analysis capabilities to visualize common links between customers in a customer segments
  • Geospatial Analysis to create heatmaps to highlight problem areas or any other indicator
  • Full scalability
  • Powerful in-memory distributed computing engine for large-scale data processing
  • Powerful integrated analytics, and enterprise search
  • Powerful Dashboarding Capabilities
  • Powerful Notifications & Alerting system

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Customer Analytics – Reduced Customer Defection Real Case

Cablecom, a Swiss telecom operator, has reduced customer defections from 20% a year to under 5% by crunching its numbers. Its analysis software spotted that although customer defections peaked in the 13th month, the decision to leave was made much earlier, around the ninth month (as indicated by things like the number of calls to customer support services). So Cablecom offered certain customers special deals seven months into their subscription and reaped the rewards.

Use Case 2: Customer Insights – Revenue

Euler Telecom Analysis’ optimal analytical data models provides telco companies with a better understanding of the network and subscriber data and enable them to:

  • Generate new revenue streams by monetizing telecom network data
  • Enrich available services to make it more attractive to current subscribers

Euler Telecom Analysis brings to operators intelligent and self-learning software that continuously optimizes towards its goals with machine learning. Providing a 360-degree view of customers and networks across the customer life cycle journey

Use Case 3: Fraud Detection

Using efficient processing of relevant network and subscriber data and an advanced anomaly detection algorithms Euler Telecom Analysis is able to detect

  • SIMBoxes
  • Contraband phones